My name is Jennifer, I coach female entrepreneurs and help them create the business of their dreams by giving them actionable steps to build their brand that captivates. In the past year I have helped multiple women create their dream career and I haven't looked back. 

You have to always follow what feels right – and I did just that!

My personal goal is to provide you with the tools to create the brand of your dreams and teach you the tricks of the trade that only elite entrepreneurs know.. I am taking everything I have learned and raising the stakes so you can design + brand a life you love!

Creating the Life I Deserve

After graduating with a master’s of medical aesthetics and attending the University of Hawaii Business School, I knew I wanted to do more than just work a 9-to-5 job. So while vacationing in California I drafted a business plan and created my very own cosmetic line. Surprisingly enough, creating that line was how I got started in the world of social media + entrepreneurship.

About a year after launching the cosmetic line, I started my own online platform to help women get a behind-the-scenes look at all things fashion and beauty! I loved every second of it. I was able to meet some of the most incredible people. I learned a ton about the aspects of running a successful business. But unfortunately I still wasn't making the money I knew I deserved. I was working really, really hard and yet I was still struggling to pay my rent. Around this time I realized I was way more interested in the business side of things, which was actually surprising to me!

Finding My Passion

As I quickly became the go-to girl for advice about web-design, social media strategy, and business, I knew this was my true calling. I quickly realized I needed to create a place where I could teach and help other female entrepreneurs in their journeys. This is how Societygal came about.

I have over nine years of marketing and sales experience, and five years strictly dealing with Social Media + Branding. During the past nine years I have traveled the world and met the most amazing people who showed me what it takes be at the top of the game.

I Help People Like You

Something that has been huge for me in following my passion is helping other entrepreneurs create their dream business plan. It is so rewarding when I can help another person turn their dream into something real!

So if you are someone who wants to make a difference and you are ready to make a huge shift in your life, I am here for you!

Make sure to add me on Instagram and follow me on Facebook to get a front row seat. I will be featuring the top people in the industry regularly, encouraging them to share their insight and expertise with you. Also don't hesitate to schedule a consultation with me if you’re ready to get started designing a brand and a life you love!