While I was visiting my family in Salt Lake City I made a reservation at one of my favorite hotels in Utah, Little America Hotel. I love the old charm and luxury feel it has.

I booked a king suite in the tower (which is the updated part of the hotel, so if you plan on staying there it's worth the extra money to stay in the tower.) My plan for the three days I was there was to lay out, swim, study + soak in big marble tub. (BIG plans, right?)

As I am getting older I'm finding myself to be much more of an introvert, so I didn't go out which I thought I would.

My weekend was magical, something about clean crisp linens and someone bringing you chocolate mints for 'turndown' service is perfection.

There was lots of swimming done, plus my mom and my brothers were able to come every day so they could enjoy the pool and hot tub as well.

I think it's so important to treat yourself once and awhile, it allows you to take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. I really feel so rejuvenated and clear minded.

My #robelife weekend will be one for the books. Listening to my favorite, bossanova (I'm pretty sure I heard every version of "Girl from Ipanema" ever made) and jazz. Plus I got to watch some pretty great episodes of House Hunter's which just made me want to buy a house even more...

Life is meant to be celebrated, so make it your goal to explore, create and enjoy.