If you would have asked me 4 years ago about building a "tribe" I would have probably rolled my eyes. I had it all wrong, I was caught in the popularity contest of having a million followers on Instagram and more worried about how I was going to get paid from sponsors. 


Well fast forward to today August 25, 2016 I realize I had it all wrong & you probably do too. 

In today's world of likes, followers and collaborations we get so lost it the grand scheme of things. And although it's important to grow your following and numbers, there are a few things that ARE far more important. 

Finding your voice - being authentic / I'm sorry , I'm going to be the one to say it. You're probably working with brands you don't 100% believe in. I get it, a brand comes to you with a lot of money and asks you to post about them. I mean how can you turn down that extra 500$ or 10000$!? I see this happen over + over again. And it's not ok, you're better than that. Just think — people are watching you + think they can trust you, deliver that. Don't waste their time or yours posting about something that you don't even like.

Second, you're afraid to be -- you! Maybe you feel like you have to fit into a certain stigma (I know I did) or class and it really isn't you. Well sis, I'm giving you permission to be you! If that means you say fu*k it every once in awhile, say it loud and proud! 

You're not perfect so why pretend to be. It makes me so sad to see so many influencers thinking they need to be perfect. You don't! 

The most successful influencers are goofy + and silly AF and don't care who likes them or not. Be yourself, I promise not everyone will love it... But you'll gain your best following ever! 

Growing an authentic #tribe and building a solid foundation –– Most people miss this step.

This my friend should be your number one when growing an online business or brand. INVEST your time with the people who are cheering you on. Get to know them, what they like and what they want to see from you. It will be the best and most valuable thing you do in your business. 

Since starting The Social Society in January I have learned more from all the gals than I ever have before. It's essentially free market research! Chaaaa Ching $$$! 

Stay in close contact when first building a community. Because once you outsource or bring in others it becomes a little different. 

xx Jennifer

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