So it’s finally the new year and you told yourself that that this time it would be different! BUT, now it’s here and you don’t know where to start. Fear not! I have three tips to get your brand/business started and onto the next level:


#1 Determine Your Niche

A lot of times people think they have to be good at everything (which is ok!) but when it comes to a personal brand you want to really stick to what it is that you know. Whether you are a fashion blogger, travel blogger, coach, real estate agent or astronaut for that matter, you have to find a niche within your expertise and brand yourself on that solid thing.

I know what you’re thinking: “well heck if I know what that is!" Don’t worry - we’ve all got something! 

A good way to figure out yours is by thinking of what people most ask for your advice on. Is it relationships? Building their website? What to wear to an event? Hair and Makeup tips?

Now you're thinking!

Once you have determined your niche, you’ll realize that the tough part is over, promise!


#2 Do Your Research

The name is “benchmarking” and business is the game.  Any savvy business woman knows that in order to get ahead of the rest you’ve gotta figure out who is doing it the best, and then do it better.

This is called benchmarking.

This process will involve a lot of research. We are so lucky and fortunate to live in a time where resources are extremely accessible. Make sure to spend time doing your market research in finding out who is crushing it in the game. Find out what they are doing right + what they are doing not so right.

Google will undoubtedly become your BFF for a little bit.  You’ll want to figure out what events they are attending, where they are traveling to and what the demographic of their following looks like.  Remember, if the top experts in your field have done it, chances are you can do it to.

You’ll also want to see what these folks are doing in terms of social media.  Do you have all the necessary platforms like instagram, twitter, facebook and pinterest? Would your brand benefit from a website?  If you don’t have these things covered it’s definitely a great place to start.

If you’re still not feeling completely prepared - reach out!  Nothing negative can come from contacting those who already have a little experience. Most likely, they will offer you some advice and answer a few questions.  Best case scenario: you’ve already established a connection and confidant!


#3 Make a Timeline

Don’t let all this precious knowledge go to waste now! 

Put it into action.

The best way I find to do this is by holding yourself accountable with a guide or timeline.  Set bullet points and steps to keep yourself on track, and set small, achievable goals to be sure you’re making progress. This is how you can turn your research into something tangible.

Once you have things outlined, the next question is - do you need some help?  If you have the means to do so, I totally recommend hiring someone to do the important stuff; like web/graphic design for example.

I say this because your brand is essentially an extension of yourself and you want to make sure that the product or image that you are putting out there is quality and represents you in the best way possible. But don't let this stand in your way -- there are a lot of great resources like canva.com and squarespace.com that can help you to start your business online for an affordable price.

And there you have it! You’re officially on the road to success.

Take it easy; Rome wasn’t built in a day.  I want you to DREAM BIG, but this isn’t going to happen overnight.  Make sure you have clear expectations and remind yourself that this is a marathon, not a race! You are only one decision away from changing the rest of your life. So, go after what you want and never apologize for it. 


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