My Summer Beauty Must-Haves


Where have you been all my life?

This stuff is a game-changer.

I was recently introduced to this by SOFIE VON MARRICKS and I have been hooked ever since.

I never liked dry shampoo TBH –– it always felt gross. Well after biting the bullet I purchased this and it has been life changing.

I wash my hair way less. #sorrynotsorry 

Plus the smell is amazing. I use the "light tones" spray  for obvious reasons.

So just make sure you get the correct one for your hair tone. 

Why did I ever stray from you bareMinerals?

I promise to never do so again.

I naturally have acneic skin so any creams, lotions or potions my skin hates. For some reason bareMinerals works perfectly on my skin and gives me just enough coverage while allowing my skin to breathe.

I just purchased their 'new and improved' blending brush from Sephora yesterday so I will let you know how it goes. 

I think bareMinerals is the perfect summer foundation when it's hot out 'nobody got time' for a caked on face. 

Dear ORBIE, why do you do everything SO GOOD?

Like, seriously.

The scent, the texture -- everything.

If you haven't smelled their products or used them yet, hop on that wagon now. You can thank me later.

This stuff is magic, if you are like me and love that dewy glow this is perfect.

You can use it on your hair and skin which is great.

I always use before a night on the town or when I am at my favorite poolside bar. 

This has been a cult favorite over here for a couple of years now.

HERBIVORE BOTANICALS knows their stuff. 

I can't get over the smell.

It's like a warm summer day laying by the pool drinking piña coladas.


I use it as a body mist as well as a hair mist.

I have even sprayed it on my pillows yeah, it's that good. (It has lavendar in it too)

Let me know what beauty products you are loving in the comments below -- I am always looking for more to try! 



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