You don’t need me to tell you how important it is to have quality content on Instagram. However, beyond knowing what to post, it’s just as crucial to know when to post.

The trick here is that the answer is not the same for everyone. You have to understand a combination of your followers and general analytics.

I say combination because the truth is, sometimes they don’t always add up.  Different apps like UNUM + Iconosquare provide different results/data.  So who do you trust? The uncertainty just wasn’t working for me so I came up with my very own foolproof formula that I use when I’m afraid the statistics are letting me down.

If you want to ensure you’re optimizing your engagement by getting the most likes/comments you need to get really clear on who your ideal target audience is and think about how their day goes.

Are they a busy mom who is up bright and early,  taking their kid to school? Or are they more like a party animal who doesn’t roll out of bed until noon? It’s really absolutely necessary to understand what your target audience is doing so you can schedule your posts according to their daily routine.

Here’s what I mean in a little more detail.

Let’s go with the busy mom thing.

So your target audience probably wakes up anywhere between 5 am and 6 am to start making her kids’ lunch. She gets them ready and then drops them off at 7 am with no time to brush her own hair let alone check her social media.

By 9 am she’s back home, drinking her coffee catching up on an episode of The Bachelor from the night before that she wasn’t able to watch because someone had a science project due.  So you know between 9 am - 10 am she’s got some down time- this is an optimal zone to post.

When the show’s over she meets a friend at SoulCycle and lunch, she may have her phone on her, but she certainly isn’t scrolling or ready to make any kind of purchases.

After a beet salad, refreshing glass of sauv blanc, and few laughs exchanging stories about their children she’ll say goodbye and head back to the house.  Maybe she’ll clean up the house and do a load of laundry but she’s not getting comfortable because the kids need to be picked up any minute.

Then there’s swim practice and a soccer game where she cheers from the sideline.  Of course she doesn’t believe in delivery pizza for dinner so now she’ll have to cook something. 

Finally after bath time and putting the kids to bed, around 8p she’s relaxing with hubby on the couch + scrolling the feed - this is when you’d want to post for a second time.

It’s good to mention here how what you post is important as well.  Think about how tired she is at this point in the day.  The last thing she wants to do is watch a 90 minute video tutorial because chances are she’ll never keep her eyes open long enough to finish.  So, don’t recommend that she clicks the link to your youtube channel.  It’s not going to happen.

Be that support system you know she needs.  You’ll have much better luck with a nice, inspirational quote that will give her just the boost she needs to wake up tomorrow and do it all over again.


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