BuilT To brand video series

I’m so proud of you for making this decision to not wait any longer to building your online business! 

I can’t wait for you to get started!

You won't believe the opportunities that present itself when you create a space fore yourself or business online!

So make sure you follow along and join the group here if you have any questions!

First up, a little housekeeping!

The password on all the videos throughout the course is “socialmedia” (all lowercase)

You’re going to want to dedicate a paper or electronic notebook so that you can keep all of your notes in one place!

It’s time to…..NAME THAT BIZ! Seriously though, it’s time to come up with an awesome name for your business. Watch the video below and take notes! (Remember, the password is "socialmedia")

I’m about to let you in on all my favorite business management resources. Check these out and take notes! (Remember, the password is "socialmedia")

Hey there sunshine, it’s time to cover your business booty. Watch the video below to learn how to register your business. (Remember, the password is "socialmedia")

What’s in a brand? There are so many elements and ways you’ll need to represent yourself visually and verbally. Watch the video below to learn how to create your very own branding kit! (Remember, the password is "socialmedia")

Pinterest time! Now that you have a branding kit, it’s time to go into some visual work - logo design! Watch the video below to learn how to get started. (Remember, the password is "socialmedia")

Web presence matters! This is the best part of the whole module - it’s time to build your website! Watch the video below to learn more! (Remember, the password is "socialmedia")

Ready to use my favorite design program, canva? Then watch this video to see how to use it in your online business!(Remember, the password is "socialmedia")

Business Card Bootcamp! Learn how important a business card is by watching the video below. (Remember, the password is "socialmedia")

Business Tools: Round 2. (Remember, the password is "socialmedia")

What to do next? After you have watched the videos and taken a lot of notes you will have a you will have a lot to do so make sure you make time to actually apply these steps.


  • Business name picked out
  • Social handles claimed
  • Business registered through the state, country
  • Branding colors and fonts chosen
  • Logo designed
  • Website, domain and email set-up
  • Canva account activated
  • Business Cards ordered
  • Payment (paypay) and Appointment scheduler (calendly.com/ schedule once.)

Week one website reference list:

  • Namecheckr.com
  • Godaddy.com
  • SBA.gov
  • State website example : ca.gov
  • Color-Hex.com
  • Myfonts.com
  • Tailorbrands.com
  • Etsy.com
  • Squarespace.com
  • Canva.com
  • Moo.com
  • Calendly.com
  • Paypal.com
  • Fiverr.com