Oh my gosh where do I even start with #bossbabe Jennifer Jaden?!?  I found her on IG, loved her feed and vibe, called (and hired her!) the next day, and the rest is history.  Jennifer helped me get my coaching business off the ground. We worked super speedy and had my brand and website up in 30 days, and I was off and running! I am so grateful for my time working with her, her support, coaching, branding direction and design implementation is a huge part of the immediate success I’ve had in my business! 

Heidi Stevens
Coach for Creative + Professional Women Entrepreneurs


"I am so grateful that I found Jennifer and for all the amazing things she has done for my career. I was at a crossroads ending a business that no longer served me, and I knew I had to work. I couldn't imagine going back to a 9 to 5 as I am super passionate about being an entrepreneur. I had learned so much about social media, I just had no idea how to turn it into a profitable business. This is where Jennifer stepped in and, quite honestly, saved me. In a matter of weeks she gave me the lessons, tools and advice that I needed to succeed. She is an incredible mentor, and so knowledgable about how to run a business. A few moments with her are worth their weight in gold. In less than a year, I was able to grow a successful business that I am absolutely in love with. Her support and guidance have meant the world to me. If you are ready to launch a business, there is no one better to have by your side."

Jenna Gilmore

Founder - Your Social Statement


“From the first time I spoke with Jennifer, I realized she had a passion for helping people connect. Her passion engulfed me and suddenly I found my calling and my own passion. While in The Social Academy, Jennifer was so helpful and thorough throughout the entire course. I will continue to value my relationship with Jennifer as she is simply the best! Jennifer Jaden has created a wonderful course, that will help you become a social media expert! She was able to help me create and capture my dreams, I was able to sign my first contract by week four - quadrupling my investment, and I am eternally grateful!"

Kylee W. - Founder of SociaalGrid

"I took The Social Academy and by week 4 I already had my 1st client which means I made 1,600$ while I was still in the course — talk about return on investment!  Jennifer gave me all the tools and most importantly, helped me gain the confidence to start working with clients quickly! Jennifer saved my life with all the help she has given me! She always knows what to say and how to help. Since taking The Social Academy I've realized my true passion lies in helping others build up their own small businesses through social media marketing, branding, + web design! I'm living my dream and able to make money doing so! Thank you Jennifer for encouraging me to live my passion, and for giving me the guidance to pursue my dreams! (and to make $$$$ while working from home!)

Karli F. - Coastal Collective Media

"In 30 days that I had the opportunity to work with Jennifer - I was able to build my website from scratch and develop a foundation for my business with the help of Jen! I'm about to launch my website and I'm so excited to inspire and empower woman to create their best self! Together we created such a good base and a start that I couldn't of done on my own and an amazing stress-free business plan to jump start my success! Jen is the secret behind my success because she encouraged me from day one and believed in my crazy ideas!"

Jazmin F. - Create Yourself

“Working with Jennifer Jaden has allowed me to create an on-brand presence in the digital world, turning a stressful and overwhelming process for any entrepreneur into an effortless one. Through optimizing my social media, we have been able to significantly grow influence and awareness...and that’s all thanks to Jennifer!”

Julie S. - Co-owner and publicist of OMG! Publicity

"Jenn has been able to make dreams, that I didn't even know were possible, come true. I haven't graduated from college yet I'm running a successful business that I love! Thank you Jennifer!!"

Linda O. - Resurface Social Media

“Working with Jen has been an absolute pleasure.  Not only is she incredibly professional, but she's unbelievably talented and creative.  My experience with her has surpassed my expectations and I consistently refer her to my friends and colleagues.”

Angela L. - Founder of Hello Gorgeous & AngelaLanter.com

“Working with Jennifer has been a huge stepping stone for my business, I was always the type of person who I thought I could do it all. Once I found Jennifer I knew I could trust her in helping my business. Since working with her my business has grown and I am able to take time off without worrying about my business. She has been such a great asset and I can’t thank her enough.”

Lacy G. - Founder Laced Hair Extensions

"Jennifer is AMAZING!! While working with her she helped me to create a new logo, plan a photoshoot, create an entire new website and start a Facebook group for my clients all in 30 days! She's encouraging, knowledgeable, positive and inspiring! I highly recommend Jennifer!"

Shelton W. - Luxury Real Estate Agent

"There is not enough words to express how wonderful it is working with Jennifer! Not only is she highly in tune with social media + brand development, she is exceptionally fast at producing strategies and creating imagery for your company. In the short time I got to consult with Jennifer I got direct and honest advice on how to brand my company, Surf Glam, and turn my instagram into the vision I was wanting to portray...you will not be sorry if you choose to work with Jennifer in any endeavor. She's a gem!"

Christina B. - Owner + Founder Surf Glam