Do any of these sound familiar?

You love social media and check it all the time, you just wish there was a way for you to turn it into a career.

You’d love to be your own boss, but you don’t know where to begin.

You’ve heard of people making 6 figures creating content on social media but you’re not sure how they got to their level of success.

You have a passion for social media and love helping others.
You look at others' social media accounts and think, "hey i could help them make their social media look 'wayyyy' better."


If you answered YES, you have come to the right place.

Let's get real here, How many times have you checked Facebook and Instagram TODAY? More than you realized when you thought about it, I’m sure. Well, what if I told you that you can make real money while using social media?

Social Media Managers are in high demand!


Not only do you create amazing content for your client’s accounts, but you get to be creative and be your own boss. But what is the first step you need to take to become a Social Media Manager, you ask? I have put together a 8 week course (yes, just 8 weeks to financial freedom!) that acts as a step-by-step guide to creating a Social Media Management firm that will give you an engaging and fun career that can gain you the financial freedom you deserve!


WEEK ONE - Branding + Building Your Business

  • How to create a chic website that attracts your ideal clients

  • How to set up the social media accounts that best fit your personality

  • How to set up a business through your state or country

  • What is needed to create your logo, brand, and business cards. 

WEEK TWO - The Client Funnel + Setting Up the Sales Process

  • What it takes to close a sale quickly and start making a profit fast

  • How to understand your client’s needs and cater to what they need

  • How to reach out potential prospects in a professional way

  • How to determine the contracts your clients need. 

WEEK THREE - Services + Packages Training

  • How to outline your services in a way that makes sense. 

  • How to package your services so the upsells are clear and logical.

  • When and how to talk price with your clients. 


  • How to charge, what to charge, and how to get paid.

  • How to increase your prices so your business is profitable.

  • Why not to charge hourly for your services.

  • How to build packages that make sense.

WEEK FIVE - The Tools

  • How to use apps to create images catered to your client

  • How to use scheduling tools to help with multiple posts across accounts and managing your time

  • How to properly use graphics when branding your client’s posts

  • How to determine which accounts would work best for your client

WEEK SIX - Running Advertisements

  • How to write and execute an advertising strategy.

  • How to find the leading information regarding social media and marketing so that you can continue learning

  • How Facebook and Instagram ads differ and why it matters.

  • How to prove out ROI to your clients.


  • How to understand potential clients and how they think

  • How to present yourself when collaborating and networking

  • How to find accountability and a support system from fellow entrepreneurs

  • How to put together a client pitch (including samples and templates)

  • How to pitch and land a big company


  • Take the next step and upgrade to full access! 


  • Access to the private Facebook Group, where you’ll be able to interact with others in the course. Ask questions, share triumphs, give advice, and create a community (value: 250$)
  • The cutest printable calendar to keep you on track AND you can offer it to your clients as an add on (value: 89$)
  • Goal worksheet + welcome packet to help you achieve greater success. (value: 279$)
  • A 30 minute hot seat session with ME! We’ll talk strategy, answer questions, and make sure you’re on the right track, and did I mention the chats are weekly with everyone during the course? (value: 600$)


As an added opportunity for early enrollment participants, I am bringing on some of the HOTTEST entrepreneurs to teach you as well!


Shine Social founder Jessica Bledsoe will be sharing how she rocks it with Facebook ads and show you how you can crush it too! (value: $887)

PR guru Julie Solomon of omg! publicity will be sharing her tips and tricks on how to crush it in the PR world and how social media + PR go hand in hand. (value: $887)

Copywriting queen Melissa Williams of brand meets copy will be teaching you everything about how to write a killer sales page and what copywriting is all about! (value: $887)

Social Maven Jillian Bennett of Viral Vantage will be sharing exactly how to schedule out your Instagram post and help your clients see what the content will look like! (value: 887$)




  • All 8 modules of the course available each week in an online portal and all of the bonuses above
  • Additional teaching from successful entrepreneurs to expand on the course information


  • All 6 modules of the course available each week in an online portal and all of the bonuses above
  • Additional teaching from successful entrepreneurs to expand on the course information

My name is Jennifer and I am a Social Media Strategist + Branding Consultant. For the past three years, I’ve called Beverly Hills home. I absolutely love the entrepreneurial vibe in this area. It’s a huge source of inspiration for me. In the past year, I have sold two businesses and I did so because I wanted to follow my true passion: helping others with branding and strategy. You have to always follow your heart + I did just that!

Creating the life I deserve

After graduating college with a master’s degree of medical aesthetics and attending the University of Hawaii Business School, I knew I wanted more than a 9 to 5 job. While vacationing in California, I drafted a business plan and created my very own cosmetic line. That first leap into business was my own introduction to the world of social media!

About a year after launching my cosmetic line, I started working online to help women get a behind-the-scenes look at all things fashion and beauty. I loved every second of it! I was able to meet some of the most incredible people and I learned a ton about the aspects of running a successful business (also learning what you should definitely, never do!)

Somewhere around this time I realized my passion was more rooted in the business side of things. This is when my wheels began turning and I wanted to find a way to make real money doing with a loved to do. As I quickly became the go-to girl for advice on web design, social media strategy, and business, I realized my true calling. That is how I became a Social Media Strategist + Business Consultant! I have never been more excited about this career path!

I have over nine years of marketing and sales experience, five of those years strictly dealing with social media and branding. During this time, I have traveled the world and met the most inspiring, talented and successful entrepreneurs and I’ve absorbed everything they taught me about what it takes to be at the top of the game when it comes to social media marketing.

Social media is about sharing your story with the world. I’m here to turn those likes into sales and your followers into real, devoted customers. The new business owner of today creates a community around their company, and I can show you exactly how to achieve that goal.


Who is this course for?

  • People that take action and believe hard work pays off.

  • People with a lot of heart that love the idea of working one-on-one with clients.

  • People who believe they deserve a life and business that offers flexibility, awesome pay, and amazing opportunities all aimed towards a fuller life.

Who is not the best fit for this course?

  • People who want an easy path to a career with minimal work and maximum payout.

  • If you’re not a people person, this is not the type of career you’re looking for.

  • People that do not love social media, tech, and apps.


  • Will I have to pay any fees or additional money after the initial course cost? No way! You’ll have lifetime access to the course and free access to future updates to the course all for $3,500 during early enrollment.

  • Can I just wait until early enrollment is over to sign up? Yes, but as a subscriber, you’re receiving exclusive access to the early enrollment cost. The course will cost $5,000 after early enrollment has completed. There are limited spots available so act fast!

  • Will this course REALLY help me to make money? Yes it will! If you put in the work, commit to the process, make sure to speak up and ask questions when you’re stuck, and take action, you will create a business as a Social Media Manager that has the skills and capabilities to help other small business owners and make REAL money.

  • It says everything takes 8 weeks. How long is the course, really? To gain the knowledge you need and give you time to do your homework and act on your newly learned skills, I’ve paced the course to take 8 weeks. You will spend 10-15 hours a week working on the coursework. Modules will be released once a week so that you can focus on each one for an adequate amount of time, but no worries babes! If you wanna go at your own pace, lifetime access to the course allows that for you as well.

I want to be totally honest with you. I don’t normally share this story, but I feel I need to with you.

In 2012, I became very sick - I couldn’t even leave my bed. This was very difficult for me since I had always been the “up for anything/sure let’s travel the world” type of gal.

During this time is when I really started to utilize social media and it became the one thing that got me through those dark and lonely days. It took us almost 3 years to get an answer of why I was so sick (the culprit? Lyme disease) and to put the cherry on top, I had accumulated over $20,000 in debt during that time using loans and credit cards to pay for my treatment. As I started to improve, I had to figure out a way to survive. And that is when the stars aligned.

I knew that my calling in life was to help people with their businesses and teach them how to understand and use social media strategically. It has become a passion and I feel so blessed that I learned what I did.

That got deep babes! But I’m not trying to make you feel sad for me. On the flip side, I want you to see that you can come back from such a difficult situation and become everything you want to be. The Social Media Manager Course has the exact steps that created a business and life I love, and I want to share that opportunity with you!




  • All 6 modules of the course available each week in an online portal and all of the bonuses above
  • Additional teaching from successful entrepreneurs to expand on the course information

If you still have questions please contact