How to encourage upgrades


One of the best ways to encourage upgrades is starting with your blog. If you're like most business owners, you write a blog (somewhat) consistently and use it as a "portal" to attract potential clients. They see the quality of your free content and they know/assume that your paid content has to be much better! Delivering on that assumption is an ideal way to upgrade your income and encourage your potential clients to become clients.

Monetizing your blog is a perfect place to start.

To turn your blog into a revenue stream, follow these eight steps:

  1. Identify the focus of your blog. Do you primarily talk about marketing tips and tricks? Do you offer suggestions on the best pens for calligraphers? Get clear on your focus and gear your content towards a specific person (your ideal client). You want them to think your site was made JUST for them.
  2. Each blog post should have a clear takeaway and a logical call to action. What should readers have learned after following your blog post? Where do you want them to go next? Blog posts should be in-depth (i.e. no fluffy content - as an added bonus, Google likes blog posts that are 500+ words). Including free downloads and a clear call to action (otherwise known as a content upgrade) is a great way to encourage action while the reader is still engaged in the topic.
  3. Make sure people know where to find you and how great your blog is. Use SEO to organically grow your traffic via Google (500+ word posts, key tags on each post, using the alt tags in images to your advantage, etc). Use Pinterest as a search engine in order to grow your Pinterest referral traffic (whatever the "alt text" is for your image will become the default caption if the image is pinned to Pinterest. Use this space to include a call to action for Pinterest viewers!).
  4. Encourage people to stick around. Getting people on your email list is a great way to keep them in your "loyalty loop" and prime them to be consumers of your next great idea. Unsure of how to provide enough value to get them to sign up? Try these ideas:
    1. Add (helpful) content upgrades to as many posts as possible.
    2. Create a resource library, email course, or challenge and give it away for free!
    3. Do joint venture webinars with others in your niche.
  5. Come up with a concept to monetize your blog following. Create an e-course...they’re scalable, use the same knowledge you’re providing on your blog, and allow you to create one product you can sell over and over again. Perfect for bloggers. Send a survey to your newfound audience to find out what kind of topics they’d like to learn about. Pre-sell your course to validate your idea (and to start making sales before you’ve created anything!).
  6. If you build it, they will come. Start to build the concept you identified in Step 5. If you're creating a course, outline your course and then make a list of the videos or content that will be included in each module, then get started on generating that content. Past blog posts can be used as a framework for meatier content inside your course or offering.
  7. Make sure people know you've created the concept. Create an email sequence to send to your subscribers during your launch. Teach a webinar or two during the launch cycle in order to share value with your audience and pitch your new product. (Deliver the value before the pitch, otherwise this method will work against you.) Use social media to create hype before your launch.
  8. Turn your new concept into passive income. Use an evergreen sales funnel to keep making passive income, even after your launch is over. Use joint venture affiliate webinars to promote your course to new audience.

Additional bonus revenue generation options:

  • Work with affiliates. A great way to encourage sales is to have affiliates. Offering them a % of the total sale encourages them to work hard for you while still boosting your overall sales. Try Shop Style Collective or Reward Style!
  • Have contributors and features. Your blog can be more than just you. Offer up that internet real estate as an organic marketing tool to smaller businesses! You can charge just $25 or $50 per feature post and brands will get increased awareness by being featured on your blog.